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Building The Future

Our payment processing solutions include an intuitive Transaction API with supporting classes/libraries & flexible integration methods for both client and server use. Our highly trained staff assists in all phases of development.

The SmartPad Platform

Our integrated solution seamlessly handles card data, allowing developers to write their software outside the scope of PCI-DSS. We provide 24/7 support, powerful reporting tools and advanced transaction API. SmartPad is the payment development framework of the future.

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Integration Solutions


PremierVault provides a secure payment link for mobile and e-commerce merchants by hosting the transaction itself on our secure servers. Our solution handles all sensitive credit card data during the checkout process, therefore removing your application from the scope of PA-DSS.

Transaction API

We provide an extremely powerful SOAP API for processing transactions, advanced reporting, controlling batches, and storing customer data.

In addition to our APIs extensive functionality, we provide an array of language-specific libraries to facilitate integration, including a PHP class and .NET DLL, as well as Ruby, Java, JavaScript, C and ASP libraries.

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Security is our #1 priority. Our systems are designed to exceed the standards set by the PCI counsel, including end-to-end encryption and tokenization. You can rest assured that your merchants are using the most advanced and secure payment technology available.

New Payment Technologies

Are you developing the next big thing? Let's talk. Our payment technology is built from the ground up to allow your software to integrate directly into our portfolio of POS applications.

  • Near Field Communications (NFC)
  • Cloud-Based Payments
  • Gift, Loyalty & Coupon Programs

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